Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest Writer Ken Starks (Blog of Helios) on Deck

As part of a regular weekly series, Katherine Noyes and I will be having Guest Writer appearances on Linux Advocates.

Ken Starks,
Reglue Executive Director, Blogger
We are pleased to announce that Ken StarksExecutive Director of Reglue (formerly The Helios Project), Blog of Helios Writer,  has kindly and graciously accepted an invitation to write and will be making a 'Guest Writer' appearance this coming week.

From his linked/in bio:

"As a Linux Advocate, I have seen first-hand, the confusion and frustration people have while dealing with Microsoft Windows. Having worked as a Level 3 Tech Support specialist, I know the problems people have with their computers and I also know that Linux can solve 90 percent of them. Efforts such as HeliOS Solutions and Reglue will help bring this viable alternative into the public awareness.

As the founder of The HeliOS Project and now Reglue, I have built an organization that rebuilds and re-purposes computers for disadvantaged children in the Central Texas area at no cost to them. We also see to their ongoing training and proficiency. To date we have built two major computer labs and 9 smaller ones in and around Austin.

I am one of the two founders of the Tux500 project. Bob Moore and I were the driving forces (sorry) behind getting the Tux Penguin on the nose cone of an Indy race car. Our project was highlighted prominently in 11 major newspapers, dozens of minor ones, two major non-tech magazines and dozens of non-linux/tech publications across the Internet

I have also had the pleasure of working with Larry Cafiero on Lindependence 2008, which has in turn been renamed simply to Lindependence. Lindependence events bring the people of small towns or large groups together to discover the advantages of the Linux Operating System. Over a dozen events have taken place either with our participation or as projects encouraged by our efforts. 

My ultimate goal is to bring the Linux Operating System into mainstream public awareness. A child's exposure to technology should never be predicated on the ability to pay for it. I aim to see that it is available to anyone who seeks it.

Specialties: I am a writer with particular talents in the technical and social aspects of GNU/Linux and Free Software, often referred to as FOSS

I am an adept and proven organizer with an ability to focus large groups toward a common goal and seeing to it that all goals are successfully met. I have developed strong and friendly contacts across the technical specrturn and am welcomed in approaching them with ideas, partnerships and collaboration efforts."

On behalf of Katherine Noyes, myself, and staff, I would like to extend a special thank you to Ken for donating his time to Linux Advocates.  --Dietrich

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